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Annual Dues. A few more have trickled in since last month but we continue to struggle with Brothers paying their annual dues. We are nearing 60% paid as we reach the halfway point in the year.

 If you are not sure of your dues status as recorded in the Secretary’s office, please contact me and ask. Delinquent notices will be going out this month.

Secondly, being a new Lodge Secretary, please understand that there is a STEEP learning curve to go through. Progress is being made in getting items caught up in the office. Your patience and forgiveness is requested if there has been a mistake, oversight, or something has otherwise “slipped through the cracks”.

  The Secretary’s office will do EVERYTHING it can to correct any of these issues brought to the Lodge’s attention and ask to be given the opportunity to “make it right”. Since taking the reins in January, phone calls from Brothers have been received of a very frustrated or hostile nature. Believe me there is nothing personal in regards to whatever oversight or mistake has occurred.

 As we are taught to practice tolerance and understanding when such calls are received, we would ask the Brethren think about practicing the same before making such a call.

Finally, as my term as your District Deputy Grand Master has come to a close, more energy is being focused in getting your Lodge’s records and administrative needs taken care of.

R:. W:. Dave Thomas
                          Email: [email protected]
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