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While at Labor - 
from the Senior Warden


Initiation is a rite of passage marking entrance or acceptance into a group or society.   In an extended sense it can also signify a transformation in which the initiate is 'reborn' into a new role. (From Wikipedia)

Mircea Eliade defined initiation as "a basic change in existential condition," which liberates man from profane time and history. "Initiation recapitulates the sacred history of the world. And through this recapitulation, the whole world is sanctified anew... the initiate can perceive the world as a sacred work, a creation of the Gods."   “Initiation function is to reveal the deep meaning of existence to the new generations and to help them assume the responsibility of being truly men and hence of participating in culture."

Initiation provides a framework for new perspectives on the past, present, and future events in our lives.  Initiation makes a person open to spiritual values, germinates psychological growth, and expands one’s view beyond self and tribe to ever expanding comprehension.

In life we go through many initiations.  Some initiations are purposed and targeted such as when we became Freemasons.  Others are triggered and happen to us through the course of life’s events. Any change in you life can produce a change in you and your perspectives that constitute an initiation into a new way of being, feeling, seeing, understanding, and acting.

  My charge to you is to notice and contemplate these initiation events in your life so that you can apply your light and wisdom through the process and gain maximum benefit from these opportunities.

Jeff Keith 
Sr. Warden

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