William B.Barnett Lodge No. 187  - Free & Accepted Masons


1. Open your internet browser, and be sure to disable private browsing

3. On the login screen, enter your temporary username & password: 

4. You will be immediately prompted to change both your username and password
a.   your NEW user name should be an email address that you use regularly
b.   your NEW password must contain 8 characters and 1 number, and you must enter it twice
5.   Upon successfully changing your email and password, you will be required to logout, and then log back in with your new username and password. 
6.  Once you have successfully logged back in, you will be taken to your Profile Page. Please verify all of your information on this page, and make any appropriate changes. You will also have the option to upload a current picture for your permanent ID card. 
a.   NOTE: You must upload your picture within 30 calendar days of your first successful login, and no more than 60 days past your Lodge on-board date.
b.   Do’s of uploading your picture:   As high a resolution as possible (can be picture taken with smartphone/digital camera)   No hats or sunglasses   No other individuals in the picture   No animals in the picture   Your face should be positioned to take up as much of the photo square as possible
7.  You may immediately begin to record your Masonic attendance,
and take Master Mason I, II, III exams ONLINE   
Help is available at http://help.circumscribe.net or by clicking the question mark icon on the top right once you are logged in.

For additional support, please contact the Secretary of your Lodge. secfam187@gmail.com

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