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From the East


I hope that you and yours are doing well. 

Grand Lodge Annual Session
The annual session of the Grand Lodge is upon us, and there is important legislation submitted to the craft for consideration.  I appreciate the input that we received from our Barnett brothers at the May Stated Communication as we went through each of these legislative items.  You all provided varied and well considered insights that will help me and the Wardens cast our votes for and against these proposals.

Lodge Visitations
We are developing an aggressive schedule of lodge visitations for the remainder of the year.  I hope that you can join me as we share in the fellowship and brotherly love we experience when we travel and visit one of our sister lodges.  You will find our lodge visitation schedule published on our website at this address:

Family Fun Night

We will have a Family Fun Night on Saturday, June 22 where we will be attending the Jacksonville Sharks game together.  The theme for the game that night is Star Wars. Feel free to join other fans in wearing Star Wars T-Shirts or dressing as a Star Wars character.  At a game in 2015, Brother Ronnie Thigpen made us proud as Elvis on Elvis Night! Let’s see who can represent this year! Signup details will be available at the June Stated Communication.

Thank you to W∴ Brother Bill Crime
For the recent Scottish Rite Sporting Clay Fundraiser, W∴ Brother Crime sponsored a shooting station in the name of Wm. B. Barnett Lodge and shooter tickets for W∴ Brother Bill Jeffcoat and myself to participate in the event.
W∴ Brother Jeffcoat and I had a great time that day, and we say thank you to W∴ Brother Crime for his generosity.
William B. Barnett Lodge No.187

Sporting Clay Fundraiser
I am happy to announce that we are have a sporting clay event on Saturday, November 2, 2019.  This will be a fundraiser for our lodge. Please note that because the proceeds of this event are for the use of the lodge itself, the tickets and sponsorship contributions are not tax deductible.
There are several ways that you can participate in the fun and success of this event. 
We have sponsorship opportunities for various items large and small.  You can help by offering this opportunity to businesses and individuals.  People, lodges, and businesses can contribute in these ways:
  • Shooting station sponsor
  • Breakfast sponsor
  • Lunch sponsor
  • Ammunition sponsor
  • Event sponsor
  • Cart sponsor
  • Trophy sponsor
  • Swag Bag sponsor (by donating items or funds)

Tickets for Shooters
We will also have tickets to sell, and you can help us accomplish our goal of a full roster of shooters.  Be sure to offer these tickets to non-masons as well as masons. Sixty shooters will fill our roster, and we will have pricing for individuals and foursomes.
Trophies for Winners
We will have trophies that you will be proud to show off to your friends and colleagues, not just trinkets that will collect dust.   Trophies will be awarded for team and individual accomplishments.

The Charge
Join with us in promoting and participating in our Barnett Lodge Sporting Clay Fundraiser.  It is a fun sport and the fellowship along the way is joyful to experience.
Tickets, sponsorship packets, and other specific details will be available at our July Stated Communication.

W∴M∴ Jeff Keith

I hope this reading finds you in good health and contentment for yourself and your family. If I or your lodge family can be of assistance to you, please contact me. JeffSKeith@gmail.com – (904) 571-1073

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