William B.Barnett Lodge No. 187  - Free & Accepted Masons
Secretary's Desk

As we have entered the later part of the third quarter of the year, we have a little under 25% of the membership that is yet to pay their annual Lodge dues. This is money needed by your Lodge in order to operate. Delinquent dues notices have gone out. If you are one of those Brothers, then we ask that you pay your dues with all possible speed.

If paying your dues online using circumscribe, make sure it says 2019. For those Brothers that may have not logged in before it may say an earlier year. If you find this is the case do not continue with payment as it will not credit the 2019 dues. Let me know so I can get your circumscribe record current to accept a 2019 payment.

R:. W:. Dave Thomas
                          Email: secfam187@gmail.com
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