William B.Barnett Lodge No. 187  - Free & Accepted Masons
While at Labor - 
from the Senior Warden

Please Note:  Our January 2019 Stated Communication will be January 8th (instead of January 1st).
Barnett’s 2019 Lodge Officer Installation will be Saturday, January 5th.  Our meal will be at noon and public installation will be at 1PM. I hope you can attend and celebrate the beginning of our new lodge year with us.
I want to thank you all for the opportunity to serve our lodge as Worship Master for the year 2019.  Also, thank you to you all for helping me development as a man and Mason in preparation for this responsibility.
Our focus for the 2019 year includes many important points that will benefit from your participation to succeed.  Among these are a variety of small and large group fellowship opportunities, charity and service opportunities, and a renewed emphasis on lodge education.  
Our lodge education will occur largely on Monday evenings and within our Stated Communications.  The dates and topics will be published so that you can plan to attend. We will include subject matter in addition to the usual degree work and Masonic Digest training.  The focus of these new education opportunities will be guided discussions on a variety of topics including Masonic Symbols and Tenets from our Ritual, Application of Masonic Tenets to Personal Development, Leadership training (including public speaking and communication), Masonic History and Lore, and Famous Freemasons.

All the Best

Jeff Keith 
Sr. Warden

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