William B.Barnett Lodge No. 187 - Sr. Warden
William B.Barnett Lodge No. 187  - Free & Accepted Masons
While at Labor - 
from the Senior Warden

    Why did you leave the West and travel East?

 This question implies many things including leaving, traveling, and a direction or goal.
     In your life, what is it about the West that needed to be left behind?  Is the West something you merely outgrow, advancing toward higher things?  If you leave it behind, do you later return to it? Or, do you maintain this changed existence with the former things no longer a part of you?
     In your life, what does travel imply?  Does this travel change the location of your attention, your focus, your perspective, your values?

     What is worth traveling toward in the East?  What does the East represent that you are to attain as a goal in your life?  Once you arrive at some part of it, how is this new experience to be applied into your life or out into the world around you?

Jeff Keith 
Sr. Warden

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