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Finance: Examine and report on all matters relating to the financial concerns of the lodge and report on it monthly. Prepare a written report within 30 days of the end of the Masonic year on all books, accounts and records of the Treasurer and Secretary.

Vigilance: Keep watch over the moral conduct of the craft at all times, except during working hours of the lodge and provide a report for the craft monthly.

Petitions: Cause each applicant for the degrees before his petition has been received by the lodge to appear before the committee to be interviewed and give such information as may be requested and report to the worshipful Master and craft monthly.

Education: The Worshipful Master and Wardens shall constitute a standing committee on education. Committee shall report monthly.

Board of Relief: The Worshipful Master and Wardens shall jointly draw upon the Charity fund to help out worthy brothers that request assistance if within their ability to do so without causing material injury to the lodge. Committee shall report monthly and provide quarterly reports of all disbursements.

Charity: Under direction of the Worshipful Master shall contribute to some, one or more community charity. This committee will work closely with the Board of Relief in regard to fraternal need and assistance. Committee shall report monthly.

Lodge Property: The committee on lodge property shall promulgate and propose to the lodge written rules for government of use of the lodge property. The committee shall arrange schedules for other groups that wish to use our lodge. The committee shall make recommendations to the lodge as well as scheduling of repairs and improvements. Committee shall report monthly.

Lodge Membership: This committee is neither listed as required nor optional in the digest. Although all members of Barnett are tasked with bringing in new members, it is the committee’s job to coordinate functions that merges our lodge with other organizational activities (sporting events, outdoor events, school or business functions).

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