William B.Barnett Lodge No. 187

Free & Accepted Masons

100+ Year's Strong Chartered January 20, 1910

Secretary's Desk

The reporting of emails from the Craft has been extremely limited. One here and there. We have email addresses on file for approximately 25% of the membership. As you know as a money saving option, the Lodge will be going to an” all-electronic” Trestle Board by years end. The Trestle Board is the only way the Master and Wardens have of communicating with the Craft, especially those who are not present at our monthly stated communication. 

Please email me at [email protected] and I will add your email to the file. Also, I will be adding the collected emails to our files

and registering you on Circumscribe. I will email your

Circumscribe password to you. This will allow you to log

into Circumscribe and pay your dues online, update your address among other things yourself. So, if you want to continue to receive the Trestle Board in January 2021 then get your email address in to the Secretary’s office. I will be sending out a mass email in November to all Brothers whose emails we have on file as a test.

Lastly, regarding dues payments, we still have 16

Brothers who are yet to pay their 2020 Annual Lodge dues. That is $1,472 that the Lodge does not have to operate. If you are not sure if you have paid your dues or not, email me or text me (do not call) at 904-614-2593. I will be reading the names of Brothers who are delinquent in their dues payment at the next stated meeting.